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How to partner

Current partners


How partners will benefit from involvement in The Healthy Kids Community Challenge

  • Expand existing programs or start new ones to benefit the community
  • Increased business, program or service exposure - for instance through local media coverage or community events
  • Opportunity to mobilize and join forces with other community partners. This will make all of our efforts stronger and form bonds that will last beyond The Healthy Kids Community Challenge itself

Current Partners

The key to success for The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is committed local partners and there are many ways to get involved. Depending on the sector you are in, you could have a huge influence on the policies, programs and environments in which our children live, learn, eat and play.

Partnership can involve receiving funds to help implement activities as well as contributing funds or in-kind donations of time or services. If you would like to contribute to the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, please email

In-kind Contributing Partners


United Way of Cambridge and North Dumfries

Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation


Waterloo District Catholic School Board

Waterloo Region District School Board

Waterloo Region Police Service

Grand River Conservation Authority

Receiving Partners

The following partners will receive funding to promote community involvement in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge between January and March 2016. This funding will sponsor a wide range of activities and programs that promote physical activity, giving children 0-12 years of age the chance to "Run. Jump. Play. Every day"!

City of Cambridge

  • Ozlem Samuels Coronation Public School
  • Blair Road Neighbourhood Association
  • Blair Road Public School
  • Scorpions Youth Volleyball Club
  • Cycling Into The Future
  • YWCA Cambridge
  • Hespeler Village Neighbourhood Association
  • Hespeler Minor Softball Association
  • Kinbridge Community Association
  • Cambridge Ringette
  • YMCA of Cambridge
  • Cambridge Family Early Years Centre
  • Cambridge Minor Lacrosse Association
  • Silverheights Neighbourhood Association
  • Active Cambridge Fitness Inc.
  • Cambridge Athletics
  • Greenway Chaplin Community Centre
  • Cambridge Tour de Grand
  • YWCA /GLOW program
  • Cambridge Neighbourhood Associations
  • rare Charitable Research Reserve

City of Kitchener

  • Smithson Public School
  • Glencairn Public School
  • Cassidy Deleplanque, Keatsway Public School
  • Mill Courtland Neighbourhood Association
  • Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance
  • Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association/Downtown Learning Co-op
  • Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association
  • Victoria Hills Neighbourhood Association
  • Somali Canadian Association
  • Optimist Club of Stanley Park (Ball Program)
  • Country Hills Recreation Association
  • Bridgeport Lions Club
  • Reception House Waterloo Region
  • Alison Krupicz/Sandhills Public School
  • Kingsdale Neighbourhood Association
  • Huron Community Association
  • Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort
  • Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre
  • Centreville Chicopee Community Association
  • Kitchener Minor Girls Softball Association (KMGSA)
  • Prueter Public School
  • Forest Heights Community Association Inc.

City of Waterloo

  • Carizon Family and Community Services Waterloo
  • Emanuel United Church
  • Innovative Wellness, Life Change Adventures and The Waterloo Wayside
  • Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region
  • Lifesaving Society
  • City of Waterloo Aquatics Team
  • Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region

Township of Wilmot

  • Carizon Family and Community Services Wilmot
  • Stephanie Goertz - The Wilmot Healthy Communities Coalition
  • Wilmot Youth Council
  • Wilmot Family Resource Centre
  • 6 Optimists Clubs
  • Wilmot Rugby

Township of Wellesley

  • Wellesley Trails
  • Wellesley Township Trails and Active Transportation Advisory Committee

Township of North Dumfries

  • Ayr Minor Softball
  • The Ayr Rockets
  • Ayr Centennials Alumni - Subsidies
  • Ayr Soccer Club
  • Ayr Pre-School
  • North Dumfries Community Health Centre a Satellite of Lang's Farm Village Association
  • Region of Waterloo Library, Ayr Branch
  • Trails and Cycling Committee of Township of North Dumfries

Township of Woolwich

  • Local Recreation Associations and Neighbourhood Associations
  • rare Charitable Research Reserve
  • Woolwich Healthy Communities
  • Local Minor Sports Organizations


Active and Safe Routes to School

Supporting Physical Activity at School, Work, and Play

School Nutrition Resources

Active Transportation

Position Statement on Active, Outdoor Play  


March, 2013: the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) released the report from the Healthy Kids Panel on childhood obesity entitled No Time To Wait, the Healthy Kids Strategy. This report outlined a plan to reduce childhood obesity by twenty per cent over the next five years.

March, 2014: Region of Waterloo submitted a proposal, on behalf of the seven area municipalities, to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. Submitting one proposal on behalf of all the communities in the Region created a unified, consistent voice with positive messaging, and built on existing partnerships and strengths.

July, 2015: the Region was notified that the proposal was one of 45 chosen from across the Province to participate in the HKCC to address healthy weights in children.  We received communication from the Ministry that the Region would be allocated a total amount of $1,125,000 over the next three years. For the first year (1st April 2015 to March 31st 2016), the Region will receive $375,000.

August, 2015: A report was presented to Region of Waterloo Community Services Committee to provide a summary of the HKCC and request that the Regional Municipality of Waterloo increase the staff complement for Public Health by one full time staff person for the period of September 1, 2015 to March 31, 2018 for the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. This request was approved.

September, 2015: A Waterloo Region Healthy Kids Community Challenge governance structure was created in the form of a Steering Committee with representation from all seven municipalities and project management support from Region of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services. The first theme area was announced as "Run. Jump. Play. Every Day." This theme encourages physical activity through a mix of activity play, active transportation, sports and structured physical activity.

October, 2015: Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee was approved and representatives were added from each of the school boards. The Steering Committee developed a communication plan and tools to notify their respective municipalities and community partners of the HKCC and next steps.

November, 2015: Each municipality will hold a Community Forum to determine which initiatives to fund before March 31, 2016 and prepare a budget outlining these activities for the Ministry by December 9, 2015.

December, 2015: Each municipality finalized the programs with an accompanying budget to be implemented between January to June of 2016 and submitted these to the Ministry for approval. Municipalities began planning how to implement each program in partnership with community organizations.

January - February 2016: Each municipality hosted a launch event in their community in February 2016 to announce the programs for the theme Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.

February - August 2016: Activities related to the theme Run. Jump. Play. Every Day. happened in communities all across Waterloo Region!

October 2016: Launch of the next HKCC Theme: Water Does Wonders

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