Introduction to Solid Foods

At six months of age, most babies are ready for solid foods and need the extra iron that solid foods can provide.

Wait until your baby is six months old and showing signs of being ready before offering solids.

Signs that your baby is ready for solids include:

  • Controls head well
  • Sits up in a high chair
  • Shows interest in food when sees others eating
  • Opens mouth wide for food
  • Closes lips over spoon
  • Swallows food in mouth
  • Turns body or head away when full

Solids Start at Six Months - Poster

feeding baby with the spoon

baby in high chair When feeding an older baby, you are responsible for what your baby eats and your baby is responsible for how much to eat. Be patient with your baby when you start to introduce solid foods. It is a new experience and some babies need more time to adjust than others.

For more information about introducing solids to your baby, check the Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods booklet (previously called Teddy Bear's Picnic) or call EatRight Ontario.

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