Bonding with Your Child

Attachment is the deep and lasting emotional bond that infants and children form with their parents and caregivers. The bond develops in the first few years of life.

Signs of attachment

  • When children are stressed, scared, sick, hurt, hungry or tired, they may cry, cling, follow, and ask to be held. This shows they need care and are attempting to bring their caregivers closer to meet their emotional needs.
  • Children need their parent to be around to help them feel safe, cared for and protected.
  • An attachment is formed between parents and children when parents respond to their children's needs and children feel comforted by their parents.

Secure attachment occurs when children have parents and caregivers who:

  • Are available
  • Are in tune with their needs
  • Are loving and kind
  • Display pleasure when they are with their children
  • Are able to comfort their stressed and upset children

Reading to your child

Reading is one of the most important skills a child can learn. It helps them develop language and listening skills. Talking, singing and reading to your children is important for brain development and is also an opportunity to connect and cuddle with them. Make reading a part of your daily routine.


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