Breastfeeding Supports

Breastfeeding Buddies Program

The Breastfeeding Buddies Program has grown out of the initiative of breastfeeding moms. We recognize the importance and need for mom-to-mom support to promote successful breastfeeding.

The program goal is to increase opportunities for moms, their infants and young children to have access to breastfeeding support in Waterloo Region.

The program intention is to:

  • Promote and engage more moms to breastfeed
  • Increase the length of time moms choose to breastfeed their children
  • Provide moms with the support and information they need to establish and maintain a positive breastfeeding experience

Breastfeeding Buddies

A "Breastfeeding Buddy" is a caring, committed and trained volunteer who has breastfed. Buddies provide one-to-one and group support for breastfeeding moms and help connect them with community supports and resources. They:

  • Understand and listen
  • Provide encouragement
  • Respond to questions / concerns
  • Share experiences

Contact information

PLEASE NOTE: Breastfeeding Buddies are volunteers and can sometimes be unavailable. Please call Breastfeeding Buddies 519-772-1016 if you need to confirm a Buddy will be at a site or to have a mom connect with a Buddy by phone.

Did you know that...

  • Research shows breastfeeding decreases the risk of many health problems for infants and mothers
  • Breastfeeding is free and environmentally friendly
  • Research from over 20 studies has shown that well trained peers can increase the initiation and length of time mothers breastfeed

For more information about the Breastfeeding Buddies Program, please contact: Michelle Buckner, Breastfeeding Buddies Program Coordinator 519-772-1016 at the Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre 

Breastfeeding Buddies Pamphlet
Breastfeeding Support in Waterloo Region