Head Lice

Discovering that you or your child has head lice can be upsetting. However, there is no evidence that head lice transmit disease. Because of this, head lice are not considered to be a public health issue.

Head lice prevention or treatment

Region of Waterloo Public Health has a pamphlet called Managing Head Lice  that explains how to find and treat head lice.

If you have questions about head lice, prevention, or treatment, please contact:

  • Your pharmacist or family physician who can tell you about low-cost alternative treatment products.
  • Region of Waterloo Public Health's pre-recorded head lice information message at 519-575-4400 ext. 2286

Head lice infestation in a school or daycare centre

If you are concerned about a head lice infestation in a school or daycare centre, please contact your child's:

  • Teacher
  • School Principal or
  • Daycare Worker

Each organization has its own Head Lice Policy; Public Health does not regulate these policies.

If you require in-home assistance

If you need in-home assistance with head lice treatment, you can contact:

  • A Private Nursing Agency or
  • A Private Head Lice Agency

There is a charge for in-home assistance by a private agency. You can check the phone book for available services.