Preschool (1-3 Years)

Here you will learn how to care for your preschool age child, including growth, development, physical activity and nutrition.

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New Parent Resource Guide (NPRG) - Waterloo Region

The NPRG gives up-to-date information and websiteNew Resource Parent Guide links on many topics to help you as a parent, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, growth and development and nutrition. It is for families and caregivers with children from prenatal to six years of age.

Where can families in Waterloo Region get a copy of the New Parent Resource Guide?

  • Families with newborns should get a NPRG from their midwife or from the hospital
  • Families with older infants and young children can get a copy at Ontario Early Years Centres

Click here for the Waterloo edition.

You can also find the information in the NPRG at

  • Click on "in print" from the headings at the top of the screen
  • Then scroll down the page to find the Waterloo Region edition

For more information, please call Region of Waterloo Public Health 519-575-4400.