Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention

- Peer Education Training

Power Point Presentation

Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention uses a peer-to-peer model to help educate young women on the risks associated with breast cancer; encourage young women to make healthy lifestyle choices; and to support them in ways that make healthy choices.

Objectives of the training:

  • To increase:
    • Awareness about breast cancer and the link between lifestyle behaviours
    • Knowledge of communication strategies
    • Skills in social marketing and health promotion principles
    • Skills and comfort levels to address peers
  • To begin to develop a campaign

Key Message:

"Breast cancer - You can do something about it "

Supporting Messages:

  • Get Physical
  • Eat Smart
  • Limit Alcohol
  • Don't Smoke

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Campus Guide

This guide (manual) is for the Campus Staff Lead (e.g., Nurse, Health Educator, co-op placement student etc.). It offers information and provides support for organizing, delivering and evaluating Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention campaigns for secondary and post-secondary schools. This guide outlines:

  • Statistics on risky behaviours
  • Information on breast cancer and modifiable risk factors
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Staff Lead
  • Roles and responsibilities of Peer Educators
  • Roles and support from Public Health
  • Campaign ideas
  • Form templates and samples

Check the Campus Guide

For more information

Region of Waterloo Public Health, Injury and Substance Misuse Prevention Program 519-575-4400 (TTY 519-575-4608)