Teaching Puberty Resource for Grade 5-6 Teachers

Teaching puberty can be an exciting part of the education curriculum. The document below and the accompanying DVDs serve as a guide to teach puberty and healthy sexuality classes to Grades 5 and 6. Teachers from WRDSB and WCDSB can have the kit sent by courier to their school.

For more information contact the Public Health Resource Centre at phrc@regionofwaterloo.ca or 519-575-4400 ext. 2256.

Changing Me Puberty Kit

Four copies of this puberty program binder resource are available to teachers for booking in the Resource Centre or can be downloaded here in pdf format.

The binder resource includes lesson plan material and curriculum support as well as a DVD for teachers focused on teaching puberty. This kit also includes a DVD and companion binder from McIntyre Media entitled The Puberty Workshop and Curriculum (see description below).

The Puberty Workshop and Curriculum - McIntyre Media

This is a DVD with a companion binder. This curriculum presents the facts of puberty.

  • Real young people share their questions, concerns and experiences
  • Children's health experts explain and discuss biological and emotional issues
  • Cartoon vignettes serve as a visual reinforcement of the content
  • This is a flexible five part workshop that can be adapted to the needs of the class.
  • It may be implemented in a co-ed classroom or in single-gender sections.