Girl Time

The Girl Time Program is a grade 7 and 8 healthy sexuality program for girls. It promotes healthy sexual attitudes, choices/decisions, and behaviours in program participants.

The idea behind this program is that the girls who participate in it will:

  • Delay sexual initiation until they feel cognitively, emotionally and physically mature enough to engage in healthy sexual activities.
  • Use safer sex practices (i.e., avoid high risk behaviours, practice consistent contraception and condom use), if they become sexually active.

Parents receive a handbook which covers the following topics: program content, parents as sex educators, communication tips and healthy sexuality resources.

Program Outcomes

Short term outcomes include:

  • Increased sexual health knowledge
  • Increased positive attitudes/beliefs related to postponing sexual intercourse and/or practicing safer sex
  • Increased perception of positive social norms related to postponing sexual intercourse and/or practicing safer sex
  • Increased behavioural skills/self-efficacy for postponing sexual involvement and/or practicing safer sex
  • Increased comfort level with sexuality
  • Increased intentions to postpone sexual involvement and/or practice safer sex
  • Increased communication with parents/guardians related to sexual health topics

Intermediate outcomes include:

  • Increased number of girls who postpone sex
  • Increased numbers of girls who practice safer sex, if they become sexually active

Program Sessions

The Girl Time Program is designed to take place during class time, once weekly for 10 weeks. Each group can accommodate 10-15 grade 7 girls who have expressed an interest and have parents' consent to participate. Sessions are co-led by a Public Health Nurse and guidance counsellor (or other school staff).

Each session is 90 minutes long and consists of the following:

  • A check-in activity
  • Time to revisit outstanding issues or answer questions
  • Introduction to the session topic
  • An experiential activity and discussion
  • Debriefing during or after activity
  • Closure (may include homework to encourage self reflection and or communication with parents/guardians)

Initial Sessions

Each session is focused on a topic area pertinent to delaying premature sexual activity and making choices about sexuality.

  • Session 1 - Introduction and Self Awareness
  • Session 2 - Personal Values
  • Session 3 - Body Awareness
  • Session 4 - Attraction and Desire
  • Session 5 - Healthy Relationships
  • Session 6 - Risks of Early Sexual Activity
  • Session 7 - Safer Sex Choices
  • Session 8 - Decision Making and Assertive Communication
  • Session 9 - Peer and Social Pressure
  • Session 10 - Sexual Health Clinic Visit

Refresher Sessions

To reinforce knowledge and skills, two refresher sessions are held 6-8 months later when participants are in grade 8:

  • Refresher session 1 - Risks of Early Sexual Activity
  • Refresher session 2 - Safer Sex Choices

If you have question or need more information about the Girl Time Program, please contact the Sexual Health and Harm Reduction Program at 519-883-2267.