Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Clinics

In Ontario, FREE HPV vaccine is offered to all girls and boys in Grade 7 to protect them against the virus that causes almost all cases of cervical cancer. Others wishing to be immunized should discuss this with their health care provider. Some health insurance plans may cover the cost of the vaccine.

Girls and boys are provided with the vaccine in Grade 7 because the vaccine is most effective if taken before they become sexually active.

For information about HPV, how it spreads, what the symptoms are and how to protect yourself, go to the Human Papillomavirus page.

Information for parents

HPV immunization is not mandatory, but it is recommended. To arrange for your Grade 7 child to receive the vaccine, parents can call 519-575-4400.

To provide the required consent for your child, please check the HPV Consent Form.

To get information about the Act, please check the Health Care Consent Act.

To find out when the nurses are going to be in your school check the School Immunization Schedule.

Information about the vaccine

The vaccine is given as a series of three injections. Region of Waterloo Public Health staff administer the school-based program in Grade 7.

A vaccine called Gardasil has been available since 2006. Gardasil is licensed for females aged 9 to 45 and males aged 9 to 26 years. The vaccine is almost 100 per cent effective against the four most common strains of the HPV virus.