Routine Universal Comprehensive Screening (RUCS) Protocol for Woman Abuse

A workshop for health care professionals who work with women who are pregnant or have young children.

The RUCS Protocol, developed through the Middlesex-London Health Unit's Task Force on the Health Effects of Woman Abuse, is designed to provide early identification of woman abuse, as well as assessment and documentation of a woman's health status and referral to appropriate community resources.

Region of Waterloo Public Health has implemented the RUCS Protocol. Health care professionals who work with women who are pregnant and/or parenting children between the ages of 0-6 years (e.g. public health nurses, hospital childbirth nurses, midwives) are trained and supported to implement the RUCS Protocol.

Health care professionals

The health care professionals learn:

  • The health effects and impact of woman abuse.
  • How to ask about abuse and incorporate asking into routine practice.
  • What to do if a woman discloses abuse and where to refer her in Waterloo Region.

Community referrals

The organizations listed on the RUCS Pocket Reference Card can support women and health care providers in determining a course of action to deal with current or past abuse.

For more information on the RUCS Protocol, or for copies of resources, please call the Reproductive Health line at 519-883-2006 or the Healthy Children Information line at 519-575-4400.