Tuberculosis (TB) Skin-test Clinic

PLEASE NOTE: Effective January 1, 2018, Region of Waterloo Public Health will no longer be administering TB Skin Tests (TST) that are required for:

  • Employment or volunteer purposes; or
  • Admission to a program of study in a school, community college, university or other educational institution 

Please check with your family doctor to see if they provide TB skin testing. If you do not have a family doctor or your family doctor does not provide TB skin testing, please refer to the TB Skin Test Providers list.

A TB skin test is used to screen for Tuberculosis. A TB skin test will indicate if you have been exposed to TB (if the germ is in your body). It can not tell if you have active or inactive TB. If the skin test shows that the TB germ is in your body, more testing will need to be done to determine if you have active TB disease.

If you need a TB skin test, see your family doctor or health care provider. If your health care provider does not provide TB skin testing, check the TB Skin Test Providers list of other test providers.

Region of Waterloo Public Health's TB skin testing clinic appointments are available to individuals who are at higher risk of developing active TB which may include:  

  • Contacts of active TB cases
  • Immigrants, refugees and international students from endemic countries with five years of arrival in Canada
  • Canadian-born travellers who have travelled to endemic countries for more than one month 
  • Clients with medical risk factors

To book an appointment in the Public Health clinic, please call 519-575-4400.

One-step versus Two-step TB skin tests

A one step TB skin test means that a test is placed and read 48 hours later to determine if you have been exposed to TB.

A two step test means that an initial test is placed and read (in the 48 hour timeframe) to establish a baseline. If the initial test is positive, no further testing is completed. If the test is negative, a second test is performed 1-4 weeks after the initial test and again read 48 hours later. If a person has a documented two-step test, an additional two-step test never needs to be repeated.

Two-step testing may be recommended for:

  • People who require subsequent testing e.g. health care workers, correctional workers
  • Residents or staff of a long term care facility
  • People originating from countries with high prevalence of Tuberculosis
  • Individuals undergoing medical investigation

Check your paperwork if you do not know if you need a one-step or a two-step test. Alternatively you can call to check with the organization requiring the test.

TB skin tests are publicly funded (no fees) for the following individuals:

  • Contacts of an active case of TB
  • Medically indicated individuals that are at an increased risk of developing active TB
  • Individuals requiring admission to treatment rehabilitation centres
  • Resident admissions to Long-Term Care facilities
  • Students when required for educational purposes by any educational institution

TB skin tests for retirement home residents, employment and volunteer purposes are not publicly funded

TB skin test providers in Waterloo Region

Name of Provider Location Phone
Urgent Care Clinic

Victoria & Westmount

Urgent Care Clinic 385 Fairway Rd. South
Weber Medical Centre 1400 Weber St.
K-W Walk-in Clinic 100 The Boardwalk (Ira Needles Blvd.)
*Laurentian Walk-in Clinic 750 Ottawa St. South
Waterloo Walk-in Clinic 170 University Ave. West
First Line Walk-in Clinic 600 Hespeler Rd.
Westmount Place Walk-in Clinic 50 Westmount Rd. North

Conestoga College and McMaster University (Conestoga Campus) offer TB skin testing for their students only. Students can find all all of the clinic information in the Practicum Services Community section or by calling Practicum Services at 519-748-5220 ext. 3101.

*The Laurentian Walk-in Clinic does not test students.