Milo and the Invisible World of Germs

Handwashing Education Kit

Now available for elementary school teachers Milo and the Invisible World of Germs.

Milo & the Invisible World of Germs Handwashing Education Kit is an educational resource with teaching suggestions on the infection control principles of handwashing with the use of visual aids, media presentation and a GlitterBug® Hand Show demonstration. It is intended for teachers of preschool children up to Grade 2 to reinforce good hand hygiene practices.

What's in the kit?


This kit includes a 45 minute lesson plan with activities that can be taught together or separately. The lesson plan allows teachers to decide how much time to spend on each activity or handwashing principles. You do not need to be an expert or take a lot of preparation time.

To view the full kit or print a copy click here. 

This kit includes:

  1. A Lesson plan:
    Milo & the Invisible World of Germs handwashing presentation is for teachers of preschool children up to Grade 2. The lesson plan is tailored to fit the Ministry of Education's Kindergarten Program, specifically Health and Physical Activity under the program section Learning Expectation.
  2. Teaching/Learning Strategies:
    The kit includes four strategies aimed at moving children through an understanding of what germs are, how they make us sick and why we wash our hands.
  3. Letter to Parents/Guardians:
    This letter shares with parents the activities that their child will be learning in the classroom. It also reinforces the importance of practicing good hand hygiene at home.
  4. Activities:
    • Glitter Bug® kit - This is a handwashing demonstration for children. With the use of the Glitter bug® powder, hand cream, black light and disclosure centre, children practice handwashing and understand how hands can become contaminated. It is a great way to reinforce the importance of handwashing and for them to see how well they washed their hands.
    • Educational DVDMilo & The Invisible World of Germs (approximately 10 minutes). Milo finds a pair of magical glasses that allow him to see the germs on his hands. Kids will enjoy Milo's adventure in this video.
    • Colouring Activity Sheets - These colouring sheets reinforce the images and messages seen throughout the lesson.
  5. Books:
    Two great children's stories have been created to share and reinforce the handwashing message. Why do I wash my hands? by Angela Royston and Wash Your Hands! by Margaret McNamara.

How to borrow the kit?

Borrowing Milo & the Invisible World of Germs kit can be done through the Public Health Resource Centre using:

1. On-line reservations

2. Contact the Resource Centre by phone at 519-575-4400 (TTY 519-575-4608), or 


For content questions regarding Milo & the Invisible World of Germs please call a Public Health Inspector at 519-575-4400 ext. 5147.