Municipal Supply

Most residents in Waterloo Region receive drinking water from our municipally supplied drinking water sources. Municipal drinking water must meet high levels of quality legislated by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

About 80 per cent of municipally supplied drinking water throughout the Region comes from wells. The remainder comes from the Grand River. Water treatment facilities, water storage reservoirs and pumping stations located throughout the Region supply treated water to consumers.


Who is responsible

The Region of Waterloo is responsible for water treatment and the operation and maintenance of a trunk watermain network to distribute treated water to the water service areas. There are seven local municipalities that have the responsibility to distribute water

With the exception of North Dumfries and Wellesley Townships, local municipalities are responsible for the infrastructure in the water service areas such as the network of pipes and service connections. Contact your local municipal office (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Woolwich, Wilmot) or Region of Waterloo Water Services (if you live in North Dumfries, Wellesley) for more information. 



image of a pot with boiling waterIf the safety of your water is compromised, you will receive a Boil Water Advisory.

To use water safely during such an advisory, follow the advice offered through this link.

Useful links

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