Monitor your property for rats and mice

Urban environments provide excellent habitats for rats and mice. They eat almost anything and breed quickly.

When many rodents are present in a dwelling (i.e., a rodent infestation), humans are at higher risk of getting sick. Rodents can contaminate food with their urine, feces, and fur.

Rats and mice can damage property by biting through rubber, aluminium and other soft metals, cinder blocks, plastic, and wood.

Do not let rats and mice enter your home

Rodents can enter a home through small holes and gaps. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime and rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter.i  

  • Close any holes or gaps in the home to prevent rodents from entering 

  • Trap rodents in and around the home using proper traps 

  • Clean up any sources of food or water (e.g., open food on counters, pet food, etc.) and anything that might provide shelter for rodents 

  • Keep food in sealed containers 

  • Use a thick plastic or metal garbage can with a tight lid ii

Clean up safely

Rat and mice urine and droppings should be handled with gloves and can be thrown out with regular garbage in tightly sealed bags.

When cleaning areas where rats and mice were found, do not sweep or vacuum since dust can contain dried rodent urine, droppings and nesting material and you could breathe it in. Use a face mask and a wet method of cleaning (e.g., wet cloths or mops with a bleach mixture of 9 parts water to 1 part bleach).

Food that has come in contact with rodents or their urine or droppings should be thrown out. If you come in contact with traps, poisons, urine, feces or rodents, wash your hands thoroughly.

In the case of serious rodent infestations, contact a licensed pest control company.

We encourage you to use the green bin or a secure container with a sealed lid for food waste to keep pests away.

For more information or if you have any specific concerns you would like to discuss with Public Health, please call 519-575-4400, ext. 5147.

i Government of Canada 

ii Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2012. Got Mice? Seal, Trap, and Clean Up to Control Rodents. Accessed on: April 4, 2013.