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The Shade Work Group of Waterloo Region

The Shade Work Group of Waterloo Region (the Shade Work Group) was a group that worked together to increase shade in publicly accessible spaces in Waterloo Region by:

  • Building the case for shade
  • Providing support to organizations
  • Sharing research and best practices
  • Creating tools and resources

This group was made up of a community representative and representatives from the following organizations:

City of Cambridge

City of Kitchener

City of Waterloo


Region of Waterloo Public Health & Emergency Services

For more information, please refer to "The Shade Work Group's Terms of Reference".

Shade Work Group's activities included:

Hosting of shade forums to bring together stakeholders from various organizations in our community including area municipalities, school boards, community organizations, and non-profit groups for the purpose of:

  • Knowledge transfer and exchange
  • Brainstorming on how shade can be built into strategies and policies (master plans, request for proposals, grant applications, etc.)
  • Identification of tools needed to effectively work towards shade policies and practices in their organizations
  • Sharing their successes in implementing shade within their organizations

Emailing listserv communications to communicate on upcoming events and interesting new materials, and to facilitate knowledge transfer and exchange.

Providing consultations to assist municipalities, school boards, and community organizations with incorporating shade in the spaces they're responsible for, which includes providing feedback on existing or new policies, and reviewing new or refurbishment project plans.

Creating tools and resources such as the shade audit tool, tree list, and video based on stakeholder input to help organizations achieve their goals for increasing shade.

For more information, please call 519-575-4400 or email the Public Health General Inquirires.


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