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Be a Quitter - Young Adult Smoking Cessation

Looking for support to help you quit smoking cigarettes or using other kinds of tobacco (e.g., chew, shisha, cigars)? The following resources are available to provide support with quitting or cutting down.

FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

STOP on the Road 

Region of Waterloo Public Health has partnered with The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to provide STOP on the Road Workshops at various times throughout the year.  Eligible smokers will attend a three-hour educational presentation and get FREE nicotine replacement therapy to help them make a quit attempt. Check the online STOP on the Road Schedule or call the STOP Program at 416-535-8501 ext. 34455 to find out if there is a workshop near you. 

Leave the Pack Behind

Leave the Pack Behind is a program that offers young adults FREE nicotine replacement therapy patch or gum (while supplies last), personalized smoking and quitting information, and quitting resources - all 

Mobile Phone Apps

Break it Off 

 A FREE downloadable app developed by the Canadian Cancer Society with supports based on the smokers needs, YouTube videos, quit tips, Facebook page, etc. Break up with smoking, get it over with, stay split up and move on with life.

Crush the Crave 

A FREE, easy-to-use Android mobile app designed by the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact at the University of Waterloo. Crush the Crave helps people stop smoking and start living a healthy life. Whether quitting cold turkey or committing to a customized quit plan, Crush the Crave keeps people on track by reminding them of how much money they have saved and how much their health has improved.

Get support

  1. Book an appointment to talk about quitting with a health care provider (e.g., nurse practitioner, physician, nurse, pharmacist and counsellor)
  2. Smokers' Helpline online and text messaging (18 years+)
    • Online quit group
    • Email messages
    • Quit Meter
    • Sign up for text message support by texting iQuit to 123456. Provider text message rates may apply
  3. Quit Run Chill  A FREE web program for smokers and ex-smokers. It's based on the assumption that almost everyone wants to be a bit healthier.
    • Avoid Smoking: QUIT
    • Be More Active: RUN - Running is a great way to get healthier; and if you decide to quit smoking, running can help you succeed at that.
    • Manage Stress: CHILL - Research confirms that stress is damaging to individuals' health and the #1 reason why smokers go back to smoking. Therefore, this website includes info and tips for stress management.
  4. Quit Now Men - A website specifically for men thinking about quitting smoking 
  5. Trades, Tobacco and Toxins - The issue of smoking is a concern because trades workers are at a particular risk since cigarette smoke interacts with other workplace toxins to create additional health risks, above those of tobacco smoke alone 

Self-help information

Leave the Pack Behind - Quit Smoking Booklets - Download these mini, evidence-based self-help booklets for smokers who want to quit, are thinking about quitting or those who are ready to quit. There is also a booklet for those who would like to help a friend quit. 

Youth and Young Adult Tobacco Cessation Resource List - Check this list of available resources that provide support with quitting or cutting down.

Smokeless Tobacco

My Last Dip - A unique research-tested, self-help program designed specifically to help chewing tobacco users quit. Developed by researchers at the Oregon Research Institute with over 40 years' experience in helping chewers quit tobacco. My Last Dip programs are FREE to use.