If you are looking to enjoy the local beaches be aware that the presence of waterfowl, sewage discharge, spillage, dead fish, algae and general beach cleanliness are factors that influence the quality of beach water.

During the summer months a Public Health Inspector works with the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) and takes weekly water samples to monitor bacterial levels.

Warning Signs, Beach Postings and Beach Closures

Warning Sign - silhouet of a swimmer, green circle (Green Circle)
Indicates: Beaches are Open.  Swim At Your Own Risk.
Warning Sign - silhouet of a swimmer, red circle with a line through it (Red Circle, Crossed Through)
Indicates: Beach is Bacteriologically Unsafe.  Do Not Swim
Warning Sign - silhouet of a swimmer, grey circle (Grey Circle)
Indicates: No Data Has Been Collected

Warning Signs

Warning signs are posted at local beaches when there may be risk to bathers per the recreational water quality guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). Check here to see what Warning Signs look like.

Beach Postings

A beach posting is a recommendation that swimming should be avoided or that individuals swim at their own risk.

Beach Closures

A beach closure (rarely issued) prohibits swimming due to a chemical or sewage spill. 

Local Beaches

Beach sampling has come to a close for this season.

Shade's Mill Conservation Area
450 Avenue Road

Warning Sign - silhouet of a swimmer, grey circle 

Laurel Creek Conservation Area
625 Westmount Road, RR # 3

Warning Sign - silhouet of a swimmer, grey circle 



For more information about water pollution and guidelines for beach postings, check the Why Beaches Are Posted pamphlet.