Cycling is a fun and healthy activity that most people can do.

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Cycling can be done for recreation or transportation. Trips of 5-10 kilometres in length are ideal for cycling.

The top seven health benefits of cycling can be found at Discovery News

There is safety in numbers! It has been shown that as more people cycle regularly in a community, the number of crashes involving cyclists actually decreases over timeĀ¹.

Safety tips

  • Be visible. Use lights, reflectors and wear reflective material
  • Be predictable. Signal your intentions, ride with traffic and obey all road signals 
  • Always have room to manoeuvre. Don't squeeze between curbs and other vehicles

Resources and websites 

Safety tips for parents

Your children will need to learn how to cycle safely wherever they ride. Check the following link for some tips.

City of Toronto - Wheel Safety

Safety tips for sharing the road and preventing collisions

CAA - Bike Safety

Cycling Safety Booklet

Cycling Brochure

1 Bauman, A., et al.. (2008). Cycling: getting Australia moving - barriers, facilitators, and interventions to get more Australians physically active through cycling. Prepared for the Australasian Transport Research Forum. Retrieved 24 December 2012 from: Australian Transportation Research Forum's Report (pg. 598)