Preventing Falls in Children

Falls are the number one cause of all childhood injuries.

About five children under six years of age visit the Emergency Department every day in Waterloo Region due to injuries from falls.

Common ways a child can fall

  • Jumping on the bed, couch or other furniture
  • Playing on the stairs
  • Climbing on furniture
  • Falling off change tables, couches and beds
  • Falling out of high chairs, strollers and baby seats when not buckled in
Injuries happen quickly. Most falls can be prevented.

Tips to avoid a child fall

  • Gather diapering supplies to keep within arm's reach before changing your baby.
  • Never turn away from your baby when they are on a raised surface such as a change table, bed, sofa, or a counter at the doctor's office or health centre.
  • Consider changing your baby on the floor. 

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