Helmets for Cycling, Sports and Other Activities

It is the law in Ontario

Children younger than 18 years of age must wear a bike helmet when riding a bicycle, tricycle or tandem bike on roads and public trails.

Helmets are made to protect your head if you fall or crash. You are safest when:

  • Your helmet is the right size, fits and is worn properly
  • Your helmet is in good repair and safe to use
  • You wear the right kind of helmet

Be sure your helmet is the right size, fits and is worn properlyhelmet proper position demonstration

Bike Helmets come in sizes made for people of all ages from toddler to adult. Helmets for young children (called "toddler" helmets) provide more protection at the back of the head.

How to tell if your bike helmet is worn properly

The helmet should fit level and be comfortably snug. Remember the 2V1 rule:

  • 2 finger widths above the eyebrows
  • Straps form a V shape under the ears
  • 1 finger between the chin and fastened strap


Be sure your helmet is in good repair and safe to use

Replace your bike helmet after a crash or blow to the head

Bike helmets are not designed to protect your head after an impact. Throw out and replace any helmets that have:

  • Cracks in the shell or liner
  • A loose shell
  • Marks on the liner
  • Fading of the shell
  • Crushed foam in the liner
  • Worn straps
  • Missing pads or other parts

Be careful when buying a helmet

  • It is not a good idea to buy a helmet second-hand
  • Check that the helmet has been approved for safety by the Canadian Safety Association (CSA)
  • Ask if the helmet has been recalled for safety reasons by visiting Health Canada: Advisories and Warnings

Wear the right kind of helmet

There are different helmets for different activities.

Type of helmet When to use the helmet
Bike helmet Use for riding bicycles, tricycles, kick scooters, e-bikes recumbent bikes or when roller blading and roller skating
Hockey helmet Use for playing ice hockey, skating or sledding
Ski helmet Use for skiing, snowboarding or snow tubing
Skateboard helmet Use for skateboarding

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