Recreational Water

Public recreational or bathing water facilities include public pools, public spas, public wading pools, splash pads/spray pads, water slide receiving basins, and public beaches.

Injury and illness can result from bathing in recreational waters.

What are some common illnesses associated with recreational water facilities?

Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) are illnesses you can get by swallowing, breathing or having contact with polluted water from swimming pools, spas, lakes or oceans.

Problems can range from eye, skin, ear, respiratory and wound infections to more serious illnesses.

The most commonly reported symptom of RWI is diarrhoea caused by germs such as:

Does Public Health inspect recreational water facilities and where can I find the inspection results?Checkit_laptop.jpg

Public Health Inspectors conduct inspections of recreational water facilities throughout the year to ensure the facility is following proper operation and safety practices.

Public has access to public recreational water facility inspections through the Check it! We inspect it. site. To look up the latest health inspection results for food businesses click here.

On this website you will also find inspection results for food, and for beauty and body art businesses.

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Operating Procedure for Non-regulated Recreational Water Facilities