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When seeking medical care do you know who to call? Knowing your health care options can result in quicker more appropriate care. Save 911 for life-threatening emergencies to ensure paramedics will be available when needed most.

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In a medical emergency, Paramedic Services is always prepared to help. Paramedics are medical professionals and can start treatment as soon as they arrive as well as continue important treatment on the way to the hospital. Here are some things to remember when making the right call:

  • Calling 911 does not mean you will get seen in the hospital any faster
  • Never hesitate to contact 911 in any medical emergency
  • If you experience shortness of breath, chest pain or symptoms of stroke, 911 is always the right call

Tips to help Paramedics provide the right care

  • If you are driving and see an ambulance with its lights on, pull to the right and stop
  • When calling 911, speak calmly and clearly; give your name, address, phone number; and be prepared to describe the problem
  • Unlock doors, turn on lights, put pets away and gather any relevant medication
  • Take a first aid or CPR course to always be prepared for the unexpected

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