Child and Youth Resources

Children and teens have unique nutritional needs.

These resources and links provide information on packing a healthy lunch, sports nutrition for young athletes, early healthy choices, teen vegetarianism, etc.


Choking Prevention Tips
Find out what foods to watch for to lower the risk of choking. Also, learn the difference between choking and gagging.

Cool Lunches Kids Will Eat
This resource provides cool tips for lunches that kids will eat.

Healthy Choices Start Now - Healthy Eater
Help your child become a healthy eater - tips to help make meal and snack times easier.

Is My Child Growing Well
Questions and Answers for Parents

Making Great Lunches for My Kids
This resource provides tips for making great lunches for children.

Refuel with the Right Fuel
A postcard with healthy eating information for sporting events.

School Lunch Your Kids Will Munch
Information for parents of elementary school aged children about packing nutritious and safe school lunches and snacks, including kid-friendly recipes.

Sports Hydration
Find out how young athletes get enough fuel and nutrients for their sport and growth needs.

The Vegetarian Way of Life
This pamphlet discusses the nutritional basics about being a healthy vegetarian.

The Truth About Fruit Juices and Drinks
This resource discusses the difference between fruit juice and fruit drinks and provides recommendations around the amount of fruit juice children should have. 

When Your Child Does Not Drink Milk
This includes tips to encourage children to drink milk and offers suggestions about how to include milk in a child's diet.

When Your Child Does Not Eat Meat
This resource explains why meat and alternatives are important and offers tips on how to encourage your child to eat meat.

When Your Child Does Not Eat Vegetables
This resource explains why vegetables are important and offers tips on how to encourage your child to eat vegetables.

Additional Online Resources

Caring for Kids
This Canadian Pediatric Society website offers a healthy eating section containing nutrition information for children.  

Pause to Play
An interactive website from the Government of Ontario on healthy eating and physical activity.

The National Eating Disorder Information Centre
Provides basic information and resources on eating disorders. Includes a Question and Answer section and newsletters on a number of relevant topics. Also includes information for friends and family members on understanding and dealing with individuals suffering with an eating disorder.