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Region of Waterloo Public Health provides information related to Substance Misuse Prevention.

About half of Ontario youth between Grades 7-12 drink alcohol. The age of initiation for alcohol use is 14-15 years. It is important to start talking to students about alcohol before they drink for the first time.


Alcohol is detrimental to brain development and academic performance!

Curriculum resources

Through your Board's courier you can borrow and return resources with lesson plan ideas, games, models, DVDs, posters, and more from the Public Health Resource Centre.

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Binge Drinking


Marijuana is not a benign substance and can affect brain development and academic performance. Canadian youth are the highest consumers of marijuana in the world. By the time they have reached Grade 12, nearly half (46%) of Ontario students have used marijuana in the past year. About one in eight students (12%) who use marijuana use it every day.

Other Drugs

Drugs, including alcohol, can have many short and long-term effects on the body, brain, and behaviour. They can be physical, psychological and/or mental effects and they can be different for each drug. Learn more about different drugs by visiting the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

For more information visit:

Alcohol and drugs information, resources and services available in our community

Portico Network - a network of addiction and mental health sites from Canada

DaFacts - Drugs and addiction magazine for youth -  information and resources about drug effects

What's With Weed? - for users and concerned friends of users

Dancesafe - public health organization promoting health and safety within the night life and electronic music community

Ontario Students against Drunk Driving - students preventing tragedies caused by impaired and distracted driving

Resources for schools to support parents

Region of Waterloo Information webpage for Parents and Caregivers