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The Healthy Schools Approach

A Healthy School involves a comprehensive approach where school administration, teachers, parents, students and community agencies work together to create an environment that will have a positive impact on a child's health and learning. The Ministry of Education recommends the Foundations for a Healthy School framework to address school health in a comprehensive way. These short video clips describe the Healthy Schools Approach:



Steps to a Healthy School

Healthy Schools Toolkit - This manual gives you step by step guidance to implement Healthy Schools


The four steps to a Healthy School:


Plan - Identify a Healthy Schools team, collect and assess data to identify a priority health topic for your school topic


Act - Create and implement your action plan in a selected health topic


Evaluate - Assess and reflect on your action plan, set goals for next year


Celebrate - Celebrate your success as a healthy school 


Click on the diagram to the right to view a larger image.


healthy schools diagrams

Step 1: Plan

Step 2: Actact diagram

  • Use the following resources (healthy eating, physical activity, etc.) to guide you through creating and implementing an action plan to address the issue (click on the diagrams)

       physical activity diagram  healthy eating diagram  positive mental health diagram  other health topics diagram

Step 3: Evaluate (Assess and Reflect)evaluate diagram

Evaluation is important to learn if the activities you implemented addressed your priority area, to identify any problem areas, inspire new ideas and reconsider areas to avoid in the future.

  • You can use online survey tools, hold a focus group, have a comment box or use the evaluation tools which are included in the resources provided in Step 2 for your specific topic area
  • With your Healthy Schools committee, decide if you have reached your goals related to your priority topic. You may want to focus on that topic again or think about other health topics when planning for next year

  • You can complete the Healthy School Planner Foundational Module again and note any changes or remaining gaps

Step 4: Celebratecelebrate diagram

Celebrating the hard work of the school community will encourage support for Healthy Schools in the future and provide a chance to highlight the school's successes.