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Public Health Units support the implementation and enforcement of the Smoke Free Ontario Act. Tobacco Enforcement Officers complete:

  • An annual inspection at each secondary school
  • Inspections in response to all complaints under the Smoke Free Ontario Act of retailers, enclosed workplaces and enclosed public places
  • A minimum of two inspections annually of each tobacco vendor enforcing the provision of tobacco persons under 19 years of age; these inspections are completed with the support of a youth test shopper 
  • An annual inspection of each tobacco vendor enforcing the ban on display and promotion and ensuring appropriate signage is posted
Please call 519-575-4400 to be connected to a Tobacco Enforcement Officer to make requests for information or to file a complaint.

Note that as of January 1, 2015, the Smoke Free Ontario Act was amended. Among other additions to the act, it is now illegal to:

  • Smoke within 20 metres of children's playgrounds
  • Smoke on sporting areas, spectator areas adjacent to sporting areas and within a 20 metre perimeter of the sporting areas and adjacent spectator areas

For information on tobacco cessation or prevention of youth tobacco use, please check Tobacco Prevention, Protection and Cessation page.

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