What are the benefits of the Peer-led Programs?

The benefits of the Peer Program are many.

Evaluations of the Peer Program have consistently found that the program is effective in increasing the capacity of individuals and communities  to improve their physical and social health.

The program has made it possible for community members to meet, learn healthy cooking skills, and develop informal supports. It also creates a sense of community connectedness.

 benefits diagram illustration

Pilot Projects

In recent years, the Program has experimented with the addition of two innovative pilot projects listed below.

Both pilots were successful and the peer approach

could eventually be applied to other areas of health promotion practice.

 Healthy Living Animator (HLA) Pilot Project

This pilot project trained five peer workers as Healthy Living Animators to deliver a prepared format workshop on healthy eating, active living and creating changes in the community to make it easier to eat healthy and be active.

New Canadian Stream Pilot Project 

This pilot project used the peer approach to help newcomers to Canada gain knowledge and skills to increase their overall health and feel more welcome in their new home.