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Information about the Resource Manual

This Child Care Manual is a resource with a broad range of important information for child care providers in Waterloo Region.

Region of Waterloo Public Health staff provide education, support, and inspections to child care centres as required by the Ontario government and the Ontario Public Health Standards and protocols. It is important that child care providers are aware of these various requirements and information to ensure children in their care are safe and healthy.

Child Care Manual Questions and Answerscover page of the Child Care Manual

Who is it for? - It is for child care providers and staff.

What is it about? - Information and requirements to keep children safe and healthy. Topics include: immunizations, pre-entrance requirements, preventing illness, managing illness and outbreaks, nutrition, healthy growth and development, child safety and injury prevention, food and drinking water safety, safe outdoor environments, physical activity, letters and forms, and fact sheets.

Why is it online? - To keep information current, accessible, and easy to use.

How do I use it? - Look at the Table of Contents; find the chapter best suited for your query, and do a key-word search. Alternatively, you could read the whole manual chapter by chapter for a review of all topics covered in this manual.

Why is Public Health involved? - Public Health has a role in assisting child care centres in helping them meet the safety and health requirements under the Child Care and Early Years Act and Ontario Public Health Standards.

What other resources does Public Health offer? - Teaching kits/resources, videos, displays, books, and more.

Please visit the Public Health Resource Centre for helpful health education resources.

Manual Sections

Chapter 1: Immunization and Other Pre-Entrance Requirements

Chapter 2: Preventing Illness

Chapter 3: Managing Illness and Outbreaks

Chapter 4: Nutrition

Chapter 5: Healthy Growth and Development

Chapter 6: Child Safety and Injury Prevention

Chapter 7: Food and Drinking Water Safety

Chapter 8: Safe Outdoor Environments

Chapter 9: Physical Activity