Peer-led Programs in Waterloo Region

Please contact the respective community sites to find out what programs are currently being offered.

 Community Sites

Chandler Mowat Community Centre

Sunnydale Community Centre

Highland Stirling Community Group Cambridge Family Early Years Centre
Kingsdale Community Centre Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank & Shamrock Community Centre
Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre Kinbridge Community Association - Southwood & Christopher Champlain
KW Parents of Multiple Births Association Langs
Mill-Courtland Neighbourhood Association Langs - North Dumfries site
Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre Preston Heights Community Group

Salvation Army Parent Child Resource Centre

Wilmot Family Resource Centre


Chandler Mowat Community Centre

222 Chandler Dr. Kitchener, ON, N2E 3L7
Site supervisor: Devon Spier
Tel no. 519-570-3610 Fax: 519-570-0812
Website: Chandler Mowat Community Centre  

Resource Café: This is a weekly program (September - June) program designed to assist adults in finding relevant resources for their health issues. In addition, guests come in from health organizations to speak to the group about how organizations can help with issues.

Garden Harvest Stories: This is a six week program where children and their parents can come to our community garden to hear a children's story and then talk about nutrition. Snacks will be provided as well.

Nutrition Workshops: There will be a series of workshops that are designed to assist community members with questions around healthy living and healthy eating. The workshops will be offered in blocks of three consecutive weeks and will build on each other. They will provide great instruction and resources from the community. Some special guests from organizations that promote healthy living will be featured in the workshops.

Harvest Party: This is a community event in the fall that celebrates the completion of the growing season and provides families with a chance to learn about nutrition using seasonal produce. There are games, crafts, and a lot of healthy snacks for the whole family.

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Highland Stirling Community Group

216 Mill St, Kitchener, ON, N2M3R2
Site supervisor: Karen Taylor-Harrison
Tel no. 519-745-9408 Fax: 519-741-2642

The Parenting Puzzle?Putting the Pieces Together: The goal of this program is to lessen the sense of isolation and the feelings of being overwhelmed at all stages of development, but focuses specifically on the years from 0 to 6. Our program is group directed around areas of specific topics dealing with parenting, children and families.

Survival Skills in the Kitchen: The program introduces simple recipes using healthy food choices to make good, nutritious meals and snacks. Often the ingredients are just a little different, such as Quinoa, which increases the skill set of the participants to use different less expensive ingredients to create meals. By using different kinds of ingredients, the participants also gain confidence to try new things and through cooking with people they may not previously know, it allows the participants to lessen their isolation through relationships built around team work to both plan, implement and eat the foods they make.

Community Kitchen: Community members work together to create meal plans, share the cost of cooking and the clean-up, then leave with several meals already to be frozen for use by their families or themselves at a later date. We will introduce old ways of persevering such as canning that teaches people how to make use of the abundance of fresh foods available during the growing and Harvest time.

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Kingsdale Community Centre

80 Wilson Ave. Kitchener, ON, N2C1G5
Site supervisor: Alissa Attwood
Tel no. 519-748-6463 Fax: 519-896-1122
Website: Kingsdale Community Centre

Structured or Unstructured Group: An educational and support group will be facilitated by the Peer Worker. It will focus on topics relevant to New Canadians and to parents. This group will meet weekly with some planned structured topics and some unstructured time, and will also be encouraged to plan special events for the group.

Workshops: A variety of workshops will be offered based on participant requests as well as topics identified by staff. These could include fire safety, car seat training, preparing older children for being left alone, immunizations, understanding the school system, etc. Technical information for these workshops is often provided by someone who works in that field, while the PHW facilitates the workshop.

Cooking on a Budget, Cooking Together, and Nutrition Workshops will be offered at this location through the course of the year. Please call the site supervisor for class descriptions.

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Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre

44 Francis St. S, Kitchener, ON, N2G 2A2
Site supervisor: Fauzia Mazhar & Charla Adams
Tel no. 519-745-4404 Fax: 519-745-3709
Website: Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre 
Email: or

Parents Time (parent support group): This is a support group for African parents who will meet once every month from January to June and September to December. The activities for this support group will vary from workshops to movie nights. On site childcare will be provided. Speakers will be brought in to do educational and informational workshops at least four times throughout the next year. The topic selection for these workshops will be based on issues/opportunities identified by the members of the group. This group will is also offered weekly out of satellite locations during the Laurentian Hills Public School and McGregor Public School "homework club".

Living on a Survival Budget: This program assists individuals living on low incomes prepare healthy nutritious meals. The program looks at food budgeting, preparation, storage and basic nutrition. The program also assists with decreasing social isolation, provides individuals with social supports, and information about community resources.

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KW Parents of Multiple Births Association

PO Box 48001, Williamsburg Postal Outlet, Kitchener, ON, N2E 4K6
Site supervisor: Jenna Korczynski
Tel no. 519-772-1759
Website: KW Parents of Multiple Births Association

Expectant Parent Support Program: This program provides pre and post natal support for parents who are expecting multiples. Parents will be connected to resources to support them on their journey, connect to groups, and given education on parenting skills.

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Mill-Courtland Neighbourhood Association

216 Mill St., Kitchener, ON, N2M 3R2
Site supervisor: Joanne DeSouza
Tel no. 519-741-2491
Website: Mill-Courtland Neighbourhood Association

Mom to Mom Group: This program is for Mom's to socialize, share concerns and make friends. This is a great opportunity for Mom's to support each other as they share the challenges of raising children. This program will be participant driven as the participants will decide on the topics of discussion. Guest speakers will be invited to speak of topics such as nutrition, parenting, education, budgeting, fraud and identity theft, women and family issues and leisure ideas. Childcare, snack and refreshments will be provided.

Mom's Book Club: The book club is for Mom's of all ages. This program is for women to be able to get out of the house and to meet new friends and neighbours. This is an educational program combined with a social component that helps isolated, lonely individuals to come to the Centre and relax. The book club is a great program for parents who need to interact with other adults without their children in an informal setting.

Home Schooling Drop-In Games Club and Coffee Hour: Parents and children come together once a week in a setting that helps participants develop social and communication skills by interacting through play. Healthy childhood development and healthy play are discussed and resources are always available.

Easy Cooking Creations: This program is offered three times a year (Winter, Spring, & Fall) for eight weeks. It provides basic skills on how to cook easy, simple, nutritional recipes at an affordable cost. It also introduces all the food groups from the Canada Food Guide.

Adult & Children Cooking Program: This program is offered three times a year (Winter, Spring & Fall) weekly as 45 min classes. It is also offered once a year through the summer for a period of four weeks. Participants will begin with hygiene in the kitchen, food safety, preparation of food, and then taste their creations. They will also participate in discussions on recipe sharing, shopping techniques, and cost of groceries.

Our Favourite Things: This program runs three times a month and participants share their favourite recipes with the class. It promotes social skills and interaction while enjoying the dishes they have created at the end of class. Once per month calcium rich recipes are highlighted for those who have concerns with calcium deficiency.

Perennial and Herb Exchange: An exchange of plants, herbs, and recipes amongst neighbours. Gardening tips are also shared.

Community Kitchens Cook Off: This program runs four times per year and enables individuals to come together as a group and plan out four or five entrees. It consists of meeting at the beginning of the program to plan the meal and then one other time to prepare it.

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Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre

154 Gatewood Rd. Kitchener, ON, N2M 4E4
Site supervisor: Wanda Kampijan
Tel no. 519-571-1626 ext. 25 Fax: 519-571-0621
Website: Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre

Guest Speaker Series: Parents and caregivers can participate in workshops dealing with a variety of parenting topics. Guest speakers specialize in the specific topics, presentations are interactive and ideas are shared that parents and caregivers can take away and practice with the children. Children can be pre-registered in the School Readiness Programs during this time if space permits.Our Peer Health Worker coordinates and facilitates this weekly series based on input and feedback from adult participants.

Coffee Club: Come and join us for coffee and a light snack while we share the events of the day to day life as a parent/partner/friend. Each week we will discuss current events, parenting issues, relationships, finding time for yourself and whatever else is on your mind. This is a program facilitated by Our Place's Peer Health Worker, Angie King.

Preparing for Parenthood: This is a prenatal support program for parents anytime during pregnancy. Learn about pregnancy, baby care, healthy eating. Share questions and concerns about your pregnancy and meet other pregnant women! Information shared through workshops and guest speakers. Partners and support people are welcome to attend with the pregnant mother.

Parenting in a New Society: We welcome parents from different countries to meet weekly to learn about life in Canada, parenting resources, ourselves and make new friends!

Newcomer Parent Support Group: The goal of this group is to increase English language, parenting and social skills and foster a sense of belonging when new to Canada. This is currently offered in a satellite site located at the YMCA daycare at St. Joseph School.

Creative Cooking: Are you tired of the same old macaroni and cheese, spaghetti or chicken legs? Sign up for Creative Cooking and you will learn to make the ordinary "extraordinary! We'll take simple ingredients, that don't cost a lot, and turn them into something you'd be proud to serve to the special people in your lives--your family!

Building Healthy Families: This once per month fun, interactive speaker series provides strategies for families to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Participants can sample tasty, healthy foods to serve their families.

Colour it Up!: This program will help women and their families learn how to eat the number of servings of vegetables and fruit recommended by Canada's Food Guide. This program is currently offered in a satellite site located at the AR Kaufman Public School.

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Salvation Army Parent Child Resource Centre

75 Tillsley Drive, Kitchener, ON, N2E 3T1
Site supervisor: Bev Voisin
Tel no. 519-745-7299

Nutrition Kitchen: A 6-week community kitchen program facilitated by a Community Nutrition Worker and focusing on healthy eating on a budget, meal planning, etc. A series of Community Garden workshops will focus on cooking with fresh produce from our community garden.

Women's Circle: A woman's support group at the Salvation Army Gage Street location.

Parent Workshops: A variety of workshops will be offered based on participant requests on topics such as self care, crafts, parenting and meal planning.

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Sunnydale Community Centre

514-C Sunnydale Pl., Waterloo, ON, N2L 4T1
Site supervisor: Linda Kruger
Tel no. 519-883-0410 Fax: 519-883-1972
Website: Sunnydale Community Centre

BR>Healthy Living Program: This program will focus on various components of a healthy lifestyle including exercise and nutrition. The exercise component may include a walking group, the use of exercise DVDs, and/or aerobics, yoga etc. led by a qualified instructor.

Parenting Support Group: This group will focus on questions or issues identified by the group participants. It will give an overview of positive parenting practices in general.

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Cambridge Family Early Years Centre

149 Ainslie St. N, Cambridge, ON, N1R 3P4
Site supervisor: Rita Morden
Tel no. 519-740-8353  x223 Fax: 519-740-8244
Website: Cambridge Family Early Years Centre 

Peer Discussion Group: This group is held once per week at the Centre. Participants can drop-in, share in a discussion on parenting. The program focus is on parent education, reducing stress/isolation and is designed to help create support networks for families.

Parenting Courses: A variety of groups are offered including; Parenting Your Toddler, and Baby Basics.

Young Parents Connect: This is a support group for young parents in the community. It also includes a kitchen component that allows parents to create healthy meals for their families. This program runs three times a year for eight weeks.

Community Kitchen: This group runs once a week with approximately eight to ten participants for thirty-six weeks. Participants will oversee the planning, purchasing and preparing meals for the participants and their families.

Baby Food Preparation: These sessions run ten times a year with approximately five parent participants. Parents will learn how to prepare various types of baby food.

Young Parents Connect: Participants plan, purchase and prepare meals using the Basic Shelf Cookbook so families can learn budget cooking, baking and other nutrition information. This program runs three times a year for eight weeks. 

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Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank & Shamrock Community Centre

54 Ainslie St. S, Cambridge, ON, N1R 3K3
Site supervisor: Dianne McLeod
Tel no. 519-622-6550 ext 102 Fax: 519-622-9076
Website: Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank & Shamrock Community Centre 

Creative Parenting: This program includes guest speakers and hands-on activities that increase knowledge of parenting with the use of limited resources. Some topics include; children with special needs, free fun, potty training, and community resources.

Make and Take: This program provides hands-on instruction in the preparation of healthy, low budget meals. Participants will enjoy the food that they prepare.

Infant Nutrition: This program gives participants the opportunity to learn how to prepare their own nutritious baby food.

Living on a Shoestring: This program looks at taking the "I out of isolation" by providing participants with a space to cook nutritious meals on a budget. Other discussion topics include parenting and community resources.

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Kinbridge Community Association - Southwood & Christopher Champlain

8-125 Champlain Blvd, Cambridge, ON, N1R 2X6
Site supervisor: Teena Schrock
Tel no. 519-621-2930 Fax: 519-621-2088
Website: Kinbridge Community Association - Southwood & Christopher Champlain

Stay at Home Mother support Group: The program content and structure will be dependent on the wants and needs of the group. Anticipated topics of discussion would be childcare, food and nutrition, birth control, health and fitness programs. This program will be offered at the Southwood and Christopher Champlain sites.

Breakfast Club: This program will run three mornings a week throughout the school year. We will have parent volunteers assisting the Community Nutrition Worker with the program and learning from them. The program focus will be the planning, cooking, and delivery of a nutritious breakfast to the children. The parent volunteers will be helping with the planning and preparation and serving of the meal. They will meet periodically to do the planning.

Nutrition workshops: These will take place on a monthly basis at the centre for community members. The Community Nutrition Worker will deliver information sessions such as; sugar content in foods: feeding a family nutritiously and economically, food guide, etc. These workshops will make be fun and enticing by providing informative sessions with discussions, which will include food tastings, visual learning, game playing etc.

Nutrition and Food Preparation Workshops: In partnership with Early Years Programming,
workshops will be held and facilitated bimonthly within the Family Playgroup.

Fresh Food Frenzy: This program will be held weekly at the Christopher Champlain site. Each week we will choose an item from the produce distribution, and demonstrate a simple way to prepare it. Then the participants will have a chance to taste a new item. This will encourage participants to learn how to prepare and serve more produce items to their families.

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1145 Concession Rd. Cambridge, ON, N3H 4L5
Site Supervisor: Cheryl Buer-Cartwright
Tel no. 519-653-1470 ext 297 Fax: 519-653-1285
Website: Langs

Langs offers a variety of services including an early years screening clinic, parent support program for parents of 6 -12 year olds, and outreach services for isolated parents in the community. Please contact the site supervisor for more information.

Kids in the Kitchen: This program focuses on teaching children and parents healthy nutrition, safe food handling, food preparation, all in a fun creative way.

Cooking Healthy Together: Each week participants will create recipes focusing on nutrition, safe food handling, and receive handouts and resource material.

Workshops: These are older adult programs supporting older adults with meal planning, food budgeting/shopping ideas and healthy eating habits.

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Langs - North Dumfries site

53 Hilltop Dr., Ayr, ON, N0B 1E0
Site supervisor: Nancy DiPietro
Tel no. 519-632-1229 Fax: 519-632-1253

New Parents Support Group: This program will offer new parents the opportunity to develop their social network and meet with health care professionals who can offer advice and service in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere. The goal is to help new parents settle in to their new role more confidently and better informed. This program will be offered at the Ayr/North Dumfries satellite site.

Adult Cooking Classes: These classes will depend on the participant identified needs but could include; cooking with the 100 mile diet, cooking for busy families, cooking for one, and preparing healthy lunches.

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Preston Heights Community Group

350 Linden Dr., Cambridge, ON, N3C 3X3
Site supervisor: Sandy Roxborough
Tel no. 519-650-2971 Fax: 519-650-1534

Parent Support Group: This group is offered weekly for two hours, and focuses on parent/child play with activities and creative stations, music, snacks and circle time. Participants will be given resource materials to take home including; welcome packages, focus on school readiness, social development, role modelling and teachable parenting opportunities and encouraging parents to stay in touch.

Cooking Healthy Together: This group is offered weekly for three hours over the course of 8 weeks. Participants will learn how to cook healthy meals on a minimal budget.

Community Kitchen: Participants are invited to share their cooking skills through the planning, shopping and preparation of a meal to be served to community members. This group runs week for three hours over the course of eight weeks.

Community Garden: Community members are invited to participate in the development and harvesting of a community garden initiative.

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Wilmot Family Resource Centre

1 -175 Waterloo St., New Hamburg, ON, N3A 1S3
Site supervisor: Trisha Robinson
Tel no. 519-662-2731
Website: Wilmot Family Resource Centre 

Parenting for Dads: This program is a six week program geared towards supporting Dads with their parenting issues.

Father and Child Gym Time: This group will run ten times a year and focuses on healthy activity between father and child. It incorporates positive parenting, provides supports, and referral links for dads.

Basic Nutrition and Healthy Eating Workshops: These workshops take place monthly and include; cooking on a budget, cooking with food hamper ingredients, healthy school lunches and snacks, safe canning and freezing, cooking with whole grains.

Community Kitchen: Participants are invited to share their cooking skills through the planning, shopping and preparation of a meal to be served to community members. This program is offered twice a month from January to June, and September to December.

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If you would like to attend a program that is led by a Community Nutrition Worker or Peer Health Worker please contact the appropriate Peer Program site organization. You can also contact the peer program coordinator to ask about your closest community organization at 519-575-4400 ext 5118 or