Waterloo Region Peer Program

Since 1988, the Waterloo Region Peer Program has been helping people across Waterloo Region to improve their health both physically and socially. It is a unique and effective initiative in which individuals from at-risk neighbourhoods are hired by neighbourhood and community organizations to facilitate healthy eating and child health programs.

The objectives of peer-led programs are:

  1. To use peer-based approaches to provide people with the knowledge and skills to increase the overall health of themselves, their families, and their communities.
  2. To build social connections and reduce isolation.

Region of Waterloo Public Health has been committed to the Peer Program by administrating and funding it for more than 20 years. The program is guided by a steering committee made up of peer workers and representatives from the partner site organizations. To see a historical timeline, click here.

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To learn more, check these links:

For more information about the Waterloo Region Peer Program contact Sanjay Govindaraj, Peer Program Coordinator, at 519-575-4400 x5305 or peer@regionofwaterloo.ca

You can also download the Waterloo Region Peer Program brochure for program participants or a two-page overview of the Waterloo Region Peer Program.