What are people saying about Peer-led Programs?


"To me personally the program has made a difference, by reminding me of strengths that I had before I was a mother, the exercises that she sometimes brings out, it reminds you that you are an individual as well; you are not just completely defined by your motherhood." Participant

"When you're having just one of those frustrating days or something like that, and you come in and you share, it reminds you that you're human, its normal, and here are some ways you can deal with it" Participant

"The peer program has made a very big difference in my life. I'm able to come out and socialize with other parents who have great ideas. I'm not isolated at home trying to figure out, you know, what do I do with my daughter now?" -Participant

"The program makes a difference in my life because it shows me that I'm not alone, that there are support systems there for me" Participant

"It allows you to have a break, to be with adults, and to talk about why you are scared, what you need, and what you don't know" Participant

"I have connected with a lot of women outside of the group. There's probably about five, who are my closest friends in the area. We do get together, do other different outings and our children are quite close as well." Participant

Peer Health & Community Nutrition Workers

"In my neighbourhood the Peer Program has made a difference because it gets the ladies out, and connecting with one another just chitchatting, getting out of their houses in the winter, that's very very important." Peer Health Worker

"It made me more comfortable being myself, no matter who I am. Being a Peer Health Worker has given me more confidence; it's solidified my sense of self, as well as helped me to expand my interpersonal relationships with different ladies from different cultures." Peer Health Worker

"I don't come in as the expert, but just facilitate that we've all been there, and we're all working through these parenting struggles, decisions, and joys together." Peer Health Worker & Mentor Peer

"I think the most rewarding thing for me being a Community Nutrition Worker is that I see that I've made a difference in a lot of people's live." Community Nutrition Worker & Mentor Peer

"I think a person who is an effective Peer Worker needs the qualities of; friendly, open, open-minded empathetic, organized, that's very important, and a zest for their job." Community Nutrition Worker & Mentor Peer

"A Community Nutrition Worker is someone who shares their ideas with people who are their peers. It's like the friendly old aunt who used to say, 'Come and see how I made my ravioli'." Community Nutrition Worker 

" I have single dads, I have a young man who lives at home who's mother called to sign him up so he could become self-sufficient in cooking skills, I have moms with lots of kids, I have grandmothers, I have ladies who are on maternity leave right now because we offer childcare for babies. Just a whole huge variety, people who have never cooked, people who are better cooks than I am, quite a variety." Community Nutrition Worker 

"I had a woman who's mother had Alzheimer's and one day she just broke down in class and everybody was hugging her and just giving her that support that she needed at a time that was really tough in her life" Community Nutrition Worker 

"When you are a peer you are in the same level that they are, then they see you as a friend or as somebody they can trust better because they don't see somebody superior, teaching them something, but instead of that they see somebody who is learning with them." Peer Health Worker 

"I definitely think my most rewarding part is seeing the community happen around food and being able to help the community express itself through food." Community Nutrition Worker 

"I have had the fortune to be working as a Peer Health Worker for ten years and through that time it has given me so many opportunities that I might not have had otherwise. After I had worked as a peer for a couple of years, I was able to move into a position with Public Health where I work one-on-one with some moms through the program Healthy Babies Healthy Children." Peer Health Worker