Community Gardens

The Waterloo Region Community Gardening Network started with the help of Region of Waterloo Public Health, the Food Bank of Waterloo Region, the Working Centre, community members and local gardeners.

The Network is composed of garden facilitators, gardeners, and representatives from community agencies that promote food security.

For complete information on community gardens in Waterloo Region, please visit the Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region website. There you can find a map of all community gardens across Waterloo Region with a description and contact information for each garden. The website provides information on how to start a garden as well as gardening tips and links to various resources. You will also find ways to connect with the gardening community through a newsletter, blogging, an events calendar and information on volunteering.


The purpose of the Network is to promote and maintain local community gardens. Activities are focused on public education, building people's gardening skills, linking resources and people to community gardens and information sharing among its members.

Free gardening workshops are offered regularly to the members as part of a skills development process. Workshops are open to the public.


Community gardens offer many benefits to gardeners and the community.

These include:

  • Fresh and affordable fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Community building
    • Community gardens strengthen the sense of community in a neighbourhood by providing a chance for people to meet and work together to develop an area that can be enjoyed by all.
    • By connecting people, these gardens also play an important role in building safer neighbourhoods.
  • Gardening is part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Local food
    • Eating locally grown food requires the use of fewer fossil fuels than food that has been transported from distant places.
  • Stress relief
  • Green space in urban settings
  • Educational opportunities

More information

If you want to start a community garden, join an existing community garden, or need information on resources, please visit the Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region website, or contact:

Carol Popovic
Tel. 519-575-4400 x5336

If you are interested in volunteering for, or joining the Community Garden Council, please visit the Volunteer page on the Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region website.


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