paid student placements bannerPaid Student Placements

Paid student placements are typically available in the summer months from the beginning of May to the end of August, depending upon the placement position.

Paid student placements are offered in the following disciplines, but not limited to:

For more information, please check the Paid Placement Position Overview page.

Eligibility criteria for paid student placements

  • Registered as a full-time secondary or post secondary student in an accredited institution
  • Returning to full-time studies in the next academic term
  • Participating in education and retraining program at the post-secondary level. Students in this category, although not full-time students, are eligible for student employment opportunities related to their studies
  • Students in their final year of academic study who still need to complete a work placement as a requirement for graduation

Note: Students in their final year of academic study who do not intend to return to full-time studies are eligible for student employment until the time they graduate

Application process for paid student placements

All paid student placements for the summer months (May to August) will be posted on the Region of Waterloo job opportunities board. These positions will be posted for a one-week period during the first week in February. As a note,chronological resumes are the preferred resume format at the Region of Waterloo.

The paid student placement hiring process is the same process that is used to hire employees. For more information about the process check the Hiring Process page.

To check job opportunities, go directly to Job Opportunities page.

Undergraduate co-op students

Public Health does not have opportunities available to accommodate undergraduate co-op student placements within our programs. If opportunities do become available, Public Health will work collaboratively with a relevant academic institution to post and recruit for the opportunity.Alternatively, co-op students can apply to Public Health's paid student placements and use them as their co-op placement, if appropriate.

What should I expect in my paid student placement?

While working in Public Health, you will be assigned to a manager in one of our program areas. You will receive mandatory corporate, departmental, program and position specific orientation/training to ensure that you are prepared to complete your work in a safe and efficient manner.

You will be provided with work projects and placement activities that will be appropriate to your level of knowledge and experience for the duration of the placement. If you are required to complete a structured learning plan, you will work in collaboration with your manager to define your learning goals and assess your progress as per your academic requirements.