The following is a list of the Public Health regularly published newsletters:

Front Burner

Front Burner is a newsletter produced annually during various seasons to share timely food safety information with individuals in the food industry.

Summer 2016

Spring 2015

Winter 2014

Spring 2013

Summer 2012

Summer 2011

Health in Action

Health in Action is a publication serving a wide and diverse community audience. Health in Action features articles about the services and programs offered by our local Public Health department.

Spring/Summer 2013

Fall/Winter 2012

Spring/Summer 2012

Fall/Winter 2011

Spring/Summer 2011


Long Term Care & Retirement Homes

Long Term Care & Retirement Homes newsletter was created to provide information and highlights from the Region of Waterloo and the Long Term Care & Retirement Homes Infection Control Forum event.

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015


Fall 2014

Spring 2014

Spring 2013

Winter 2012

Spring 2012


Newcomers Brochure - English

Newcomers Brochure - Arabic

Newcomers Brochure - Farsi

Newcomers Brochure - French (coming soon)

Newcomers Brochure - Mandarin

Newcomers Brochure - Spanish

Physician's Update

Physician's Update is a monthly newsletter targeted specifically to physicians. The update contains clinically relevant information relating to public health issues.

Physician's Update 2017

February 2017  August 2017  
April 2017     
June 2017     

Physician's Update 2016

February 2016  August 2016  
May 2016   November 2016  
July 2016    

Shop Talk

Shop Talk - Winter 2014

Shop Talk - Summer 2013

The above newsletters contain information that was accurate at the time of the original publication, but may become outdated over time. We assume no responsibility for updating or deleting outdated information in these postings.